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Yoola, a leading YouTube Multi-Channel-Network with over 1.8bn subscribers, and eHold, a technology-focused group, are building the biggest ever platform for content creators: WeWay.



As the content creator economy expands, influencers’ and fans’ demands grow contiguously. Social interactivity or a fair income system for creators are two of them that cannot simply be ignored. Mainly because the role that influencers play in marketing strategies worldwide is key in many businesses’ success.

And Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola, as discussed by Forbes author Shama Hyder in a recent article:

“Baumel sees content (influencing, YouTubers and the like) as a viable investment both for the creators themselves and for outside sources, and believes that the key for influencers’ long term success is in the mix of art and science – the art is the unique creative and format, and the science is the platform and algorithm expertise. As we have seen in the last year, people are driven to engaging content to provide both entertainment and a sense of belonging. These things, ultimately, will establish brands even further and create more profitable franchises for the creators and stakeholders involved.”

But mixing art and science isn’t easy – and it certainly didn’t seem like a plausible marriage. Until now. Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola, and Mykola Udianskyi, President of eHold, have come together to build the definitive platform for creators, WeWay.

WeWay is built with social interaction at heart and focused on the engagement between influencers and fans. The platform will use the latest blockchain technology to build a digital currency: the WeWay token, thought to become the universal cryptocurrency for all influencers; as well as a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace to sell/buy content creations.

There is a myriad of ways for this innovative approach to direct engagement between fan and creator. Have you ever wished to play side-by-side with your favorite YouTuber, in your favorite video game? Or would you like to go live in your favorite’s influencer streaming? Or be featured in a post with her/him? And why don’t you go a bit further still: have you ever dreamed of attending an event with your beloved celebrity? Well, using WeWay’s tools at your disposal, you actually can do all of that, and more.

Fuad Fatulaev, CEO and co-founder of WeWay mentioned the pillars of the platform:

“We’re the first platform to provide a wide range of tools to bring creators and fans closer together. On WeWay, any user can become part of the content of their favorite creator, receive unique products from them or try out new ways of interaction. There are no functionally identical sites on the market at the moment. This engagement goes both ways: creators can set up votes on certain activities, while fans can request petitions on fan-created initiatives.”

To fulfill this vision, WeWay will introduce a built-in internal economic system based on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

The idea behind the WeWay token, the first of its kind, is to bring in the best of blockchain technology, including simplicity, convenience, and speed into a mainstream content creator platform. In fact, the WeWay token is set out to become the first digital coin for all influencers.

“Users will no longer need to waste time on various payment services to make a purchase or an order. It is enough for them to purchase an internal token to freely use all the platform’s functions,” mentioned Abdeselam Mohamed Riduan, Head of Business Development and co-founder of WeWay.

This internal economy is meant to produce a fairer revenue system for creators, making monetization simpler and more transparent. It will also spur the engagement between influencers and fans through the aforementioned WeWay token.
Another major milestone in the platform is the addition of an NFT marketplace. Within WeWay’s NFT Marketplace, influencers can create NFTs of their own content and sell them through the open marketplace.

There are multiple ways NFTs can be created and trade with, as Bohdan Prylepa, СТО and co-founder of WeWay, explained:

“For fans, what NFTs can be bought can be divided into three groups. First, images: autographed photos, quotes, memes, signed lyrics. Second, video: non-uploaded rare videos, failures from everyday life, backstage funny moments. Third, audio: audio narration of real-life stories, instrumental versions of tracks, real-life recorded songs. All of that on the same platform, available to purchase at one’s convenience.”

Building the biggest ever content creator platform needs to have the biggest influencers in there, the biggest audience, the furthest outreach and a channel for every imaginable segment of the audience. Everyone needs to feel like they are part of it -and represented by it-.
It seems Yoola and eHold have ticked all the right boxes with WeWay.

Image by Marc Winter from Pixabay

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