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Symatri deploys their crypto payment platform to multiple clients.

Symatri deploys their crypto payment platform to multiple clients.

Symatri deploys their Clear Ledger platform which is designed to make even large volumes of enterprise payments in cryptocurrency simple and efficient.

We looked at a number of issues faced by businesses…logistics and product fulfillment was only slightly ahead of the ever-looming problem of global payments and merchant processing,”

— Darren Olayan Symatri CEO

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2021 / — Symatri continues to garner new clients that are ready to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies into their systems. Cryptocurrencies still battle a reputation and education issue, but persistently forge ahead with continued widespread interest in a more adaptable global payment solution. An article on Yahoo Finance from Dawn Allcot on April 21st stated that 14% of adults in the U.S. own at least some crypto. Projections say that at least 50 Million Americans will be involved by the end of 2021. Clear Ledger is giving businesses and individuals the ability to efficiently make and receive cryptocurrency payments.

“We looked at a number of issues faced by businesses that are trying to grow globally. No matter the size of the business, logistics and product fulfillment were only slightly ahead of the ever-looming problem of global payments and merchant processing,” said Darren Olayan, Symatri CEO.


Whether our client is trying to pay thousands of sales reps a week or dividends to investors, the massive benefits of crypto become immediately clear. Selling points like lower fees, a better customer experience, and easy international integration are hard for traditional systems to argue against.

Obstacles faced by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are much less difficult than current banking systems. Just because Bitcoin is less difficult than Fiat currencies to expand globally, it does not mean it is less valuable or impactful. It is much the opposite. With the transparency of blockchain, and the accessibility of crypto wallets, suddenly the “unbankable” are able to be represented and rightfully exist in the economy. They are able to immediately receive and use assets that have better value and stability. The user will now have an asset that can cross borders and still retain its exchange power. Also, payer and payee have access to the same transparent transaction data.

–Clear Ledger is the cryptocurrency solution your business is looking for.

Symatri has positioned itself as a tremendous resource to businesses when it comes to blockchain adoption. Because of the asset appeal of cryptocurrencies, huge advancements in the acceptance and understanding of blockchain are taking place. Symatri is one of many who have spent years trying to help the masses integrate this technology.

Early 2021, Symatri introduced their crypto payment solution. Clear Ledgers’ ease of use and cost savings have set the ball rolling for deployment in a number of industries such as crypto mining, direct sales, and fundraising. These integrations have already taken place.

Symatri has been involved in blockchain for many years. They have developed their own blockchain and coin called Kala. This blockchain was purposely designed for record-keeping and or NFT data storage. All of the important transactional data from Clear Ledger will be stored as NFT’s on the Kala Blockchain.

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