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Press Releases are your guest posts, Here you can share your press release with our readers. that will appear under news section in Press releases section. Readers are also able to access Press Releases in our catalog. We publish Press releases only after the payment has been cleared and an editor reviewed the text.

Please follow this guide How to write press releases

Press releases for inappropriate or fraudulent products and services will not be published. Coin News Telegraph has a right to refuse to publish your press release offering you a refund. By sending us the payment for the publication of your press release, you automatically grant our editors the right to proofread and correct its text accordingly. Additionally, you grant us the right to visually adapt the logo of your company, along with any other brand elements, when producing an artwork which will be published along with the press release.

The price per press release is 0.3 BTC

The Coin News Telegraph will act to publish all Press Release as soon as possible once the content has been reviewed and the payment received. The content review may take up to 24 hours after the payment was received.


Over the last 10 years, the Bitcoin ecosystem has attracted developers to dedicate thousands of hours to improve and revamp most of its...
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