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The blockchain industry is huge, as hundreds of million-dollar companies are investing their time, money, and efforts into the development of centralized or decentralized cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency investing started back in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto published a revolutionary white paper that explained the use and benefits of the first main cryptocurrency named Bitcoin. Since then, Blockchain has become one of the most feasible and intriguing technologies that opened up a sea of opportunities for the financial market.

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As October 2019 is close, there are 2,776 cryptocurrencies listed by and a total market cap of $225 trillion. Keep in mind that these are merely the official cryptocurrencies that are listed on one platform, yet the actual number is probably much higher.

You’re probably here, reading this post because you happen to be one of the many investors who have no idea what cryptocurrencies are profitable and “safe”.

Let me tell you something right from the start. There is no such thing as “safe investment” in today’s crypto market, simply because no crypto is yet regulated by governments. The marketplace is constantly shifting as new players rise and old players fall.

Nevertheless, before thinking of investing, you should acknowledge and understand the features and potential of each cryptocurrency that goes through your mind. Skipping the research is just like betting on a sports team that you never saw performing.

Moreover, there’s a big difference between a crypto investor and a crypto trader. The former approach a saving strategy while the latter goes for a quick-profit strategy.

Risk associated with cryptocurrency investing

In today’s post, we’re going to focus on cryptocurrency investing. Remember once again that even cryptocurrency investing (saving and holding) is still a speculative type of investment that presents risks.

However, if you do your homework properly and study the blockchain companies, the concepts, and the validation of the cryptocurrencies that they offer, making huge investment profits is an extremely viable possibility.

After assessing many factors such as the leadership of the companies, the blockchain concepts, the history of the transactions, and the overall potential of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, here are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in as of 2019:


Why Bitcoin? After all, its price has always been unpredictable. Well, Bitcoin still is the #1 cryptocurrency and is considered to be the most viable crypto long-term investment. Right now, the price is extremely reasonable compared to 2018, a time when Bitcoin was worth over $20k.

The famous cryptocurrency has 85% of its coins already mined. One of the good reasons to invest in Bitcoin now is that soon enough, there will be no more Bitcoin coins accessible for purchase.

Moreover, the entire crypto market is moving in Bitcoin’s parallel. If Bitcoin goes low, most of the cryptocurrencies will follow the same direction. Lastly, if many other cryptocurrencies can disappear overnight, it’ll never be the case with Bitcoin.


Litecoin is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that complements Bitcoin just as silver complements gold. It was developed by Charlie Lee, and it is one of the most preferred long-term investments in the cryptocurrency market.

Since 2012, Litecoin is one of the most stable coins that has managed to stay in the top 10 cryptocurrencies list. Litecoin was and still is an important “testbed” for Bitcoin by helping with the implementation of lightning, segwit, and atomic swaps on its main net.

Litecoin processes over 25.000 transactions each day, and the Litecoin Foundation is persistently attempting to make Litecoin a popular payment method across the world.


While Ethereum has experienced some scaling problems during the last years, it is still one of the most promising cryptocurrencies that you should consider investing in.

Ethereum blockchain is much different than Bitcoin’s. Ethereum plans to become the “world’s computer”, as it allows the development of third-party blockchain concepts and cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of companies who are laying the foundation of their blockchain algorithms and cryptocurrencies using the Ethereum’s main blockchain.

As a review suggests, “Ethereum is one of the pioneers of decentralized smart contracts and applications, features that promise to make all the world’s transactions safer and fully transparent.”

Because Ethereum is currently very affordable and the team behind the concept are still fully involved in fixing the scaling problems, I consider Ethereum to be a great long-term investment.


If you’re aiming to keep your investments anonymous and private, Monero is a great investment choice for your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Monero is another decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that is aimed to serve the needs of investors who put a lot of emphasis on their security and privacy.

Monero is currently working on implementing exciting blockchain techniques known as Kovri, RingCT, Stealth addresses, and Ring signatures to further improve its privacy policies.

Moreover, the inflation rate of Monero is very low, especially compared to its main competitor Zcash. Due to the fact that this cryptocurrency has always stood strong while receiving a lot of positive remarks, I consider it to be a great long-term cryptocurrency investment choice.


VeChain is a promising blockchain that delivers enterprise-level solutions. The blockchain technology behind VeChain aims to develop a distributed and trust-free business ecosystem, which is both scalable and self-circulating.

As of 2019, the blockchain has managed to implement effective solutions across many industries such as agriculture, luxury goods, and liquor. Lately, they have rebranded themselves to VeChain Thor.

The company is based out of China and is led by Sunny Liu, a super professional who has worked as a high-level executive at many Fortune 500 companies.

Takeaways on cryptocurrency investing

A great piece of advice would be to invest only what you can afford to lose. Don’t sell your apartment, car, or long-term investments in order to “make it big” with crypto. Do a lot of research on every cryptocurrency that you’re willing to invest in, read expert opinions, learn technical analysis, read a few books about blockchain, and stay balanced in your approach!

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