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OSLO, Norway, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reltime PoA and Ecosystem, which will launch a decentralized banking ecosystem in 2Q22. Reltime announced that it would be the first blockchain company to bring all banking services control by the end-users.

Reltime is listed on Bitmart and CoinTiger. Right now Reltime on track to do two IEO at P2PB2B and IndoEx with the ticker RTC.

Reltime – The world’s first global Ecosystem built on top of Reltime PoA (protocol), is not only a blockchain or protocol but a complete suite.

Reltime was founded by a team in Norway, El Salvador, Canada and India. Reltime started out as a project at King’s College London in 2018. Built on trust, performance and security, the Reltime DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Ecosystem is owned, backed and supported by the world’s leading financial partners, like example TAG Systems and FSS Tech that will help bring the platform to the mass market.

The Ecosystem

Reltime envisions building a global, open, permissionless, interlocking, and decentralised finance ecosystem. It will launch a “decentralised banking ecosystem” allowing anyone with a smartphone and Internet access to engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) borrowing and lending, currency exchange, and domestic and international transfers—all with no fees. The initial launch is scheduled to take place in Brazil, Europe, India, Japan, and Mexico by 2Q 2022. Reltime expects its services worldwide by 4Q 2022, where also the PreIPO will be highlighted with a goal to do the IPO in 1Q 2023.

With its decentralised infrastructure for processing payments, Reltime aims to become a leading full-service digital finance platform globally with one stable currency, where SWIFT/IBAN is unnecessary for fiat transfers.

The proof-of-authority protocol

Reltime is also developing a sophisticated, proof-of-authority (PoA) protocol to deliver payments, instant settlement, and free transactions globally between users based on identity. Reltime’s goal is to reconstruct the banking system as a de facto decentralised platform that is automatic and compliant with regulations. A subsidiary is being established in El Salvador as well(operational in January 2022.

Reltime aims to redefine the state-of-the-art blockchain technology used in tenant and microtransactions and to bridge the traditional financial market and cryptocurrency market using its platform. Today, we are one step closer to complete independence from banking systems.

Anyone can build DLT based service from Reltime Open API.


Reltime projects include mobile applications, free P2P transfer, joint account, lender and borrower interface, where the Lender can customize a loan offer and establish a smart contract to any borrower in the phone contact list. It also includes Market Place for Borrower with Collateral, a micro-Swap exchange, and DEFI Sandbox, in the end, a comprehensive banking platform controlled by the end-users. You can review the introduction here, where we also present the MVP of the service: 

Reltime aims to bridge the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency market using their platform. By doing this, they aim to be a leading DeFi product in driving mass adoption of blockchain technology and accelerating the growth of DeFi.

Problems associated with DeFi have been about the complexity of the current DeFi products and the need to be tech-savvy to understand the DeFi landscape fully.

Reltime plans to ease the barrier of entry into DeFi and has worked on the project for several years.

Reltime has partnered up with several partners in the industry to fulfill the full scoop of the deliverable to the users. From License/BIN/EMI, Checkout, Deposit, Biometric Card, and Development.

The Reltime team has raised money to fulfill the project, both from the founders and partners. The aim of listing at the exchange is to bring the Reltime services to the global market and the users in the crypto market, At the same time, all Token holders will be invited to the PreIPO.

The ecosystem will be open for anyone, both from the financial industry, developers, and distributions.

DEFI and Financial systems are all about mathematical calculations. Reltime sees massive potential in the listings, to attract investors and most importantly: find global partners that can bring the Ecosystem of Reltime to the mass market. We really look forward to the future, informed the CEO Frode van der Laak

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