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Lunaray has Created an Industry Diagram of More Than 80 Active Blockchain Security Service Companies

The blockchain industry has formed an ecosystem, and Lunaray has specially created an industry diagram, including more than 80 active blockchain companies. This will help more people who are concerned about the blockchain industry to understand the latest developments of the industry.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, there are also more and more blockchain security service companies to choose from. All these companies have created their own distinctive businesses, such as information security services, data monitoring, security consulting and solutions.

“Find the right blockchain security service company to get the better professional blockchain security services ”, says the company’s spokesperson.

In order to facilitate those who need blockchain security services to quickly find their target in so many companies, Lunaray has selected more than 80 active blockchain security service companies around the world, covering almost all aspects of the blockchain field.

Through sorting and analysis, Lunaray has divided all these companies into 8 categories and made an industry diagram. Hoping that this diagram can bring a little convenience to the relevant people in the blockchain industry.

Here is the industry diagram:

blockchain security industry diagram

Lunaray has also compiled the detailed information of these 80 + companies into a  document, including the URLs and locations of each company, etc. Anyone who wants to obtain this document or the HD industry diagram can contact Lunaray on Twitter(@lunaray_sec) or email us (

Lunaray will continue to pay close attention to the development of the blockchain industry and update the blockchain diagram in a timely manner. Any those companies that are not included in the diagram can also contact Lunaray on Twitter and Lunaray will update it immediately.

About Lunaray

Lunaray is a network security company focusing on blockchain ecological security, and its team members are all security researchers from leading network security companies and security experts from large Internet enterprises.

With rich experience in security attack and defence, the team can provide users with blockchain security vulnerability risk detection and security defence, as well as solutions. Visit to learn more.

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