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Cars, video games, and blockchain technology are combining into one metaverse matchup that was not possible until now.

Independent Electric Vehicle (INDIEV), a company specializing in the design of the next generation of EVs, showcased a new feature in their flagship vehicle, the INDI One, at CES last week.

A Burst of Blockchain Brilliance

The INDI One vehicle enables a new type of mobile blockchain. In each vehicle, INDIEV plans to enable the unit to act as a node for a blockchain. Which means every INDI One sold is another node added to a chain that will grow and evolve with more users over time.

Every INDI One purchased offers the buyer the option to participate in a blockchain ecosystem with built-in potential to generate passive income from participation as a node.

“The average consumer sees their vehicle as a mode of transportation that gets them from point A to B, but that is because that’s all it’s ever been,” says Andre Hudson, INDIEV Head of Design. “The future of electric vehicles can potentially be so much more. In pursuit of this vision, we looked at the latest emerging technological trends as applied to our vehicle’s strengths and discovered an opportunity to integrate blockchain technology directly into our vehicle.”

A Demo with Dinosaurs!

A demo at CES saw in the back seat of the EV sporting VR headset, transporting riders to a from a flat, mundane suburban office parking lot with gray skies to hunting dinosaurs in a lush tropical savannah.

The driver slowly circled the empty lot at about 20 mph, as riders rumbled along in the backseat of an open-air SUV with roll cage under blue skies and popcorn clouds in the late Jurassic era with full 360 vision, watching a hulking brontosaurus munch football-sized fields of plants a quarter mile away.

In the AR world, riders wielded fully automatic and futuristic weaponry as they stalked a 16-foot-tall stegosaurus that tried to sideswipe them with its spiked tail. In reality their ‘weapon’ was actually a conical black plastic wireframe device about the size of a cereal bowl.

Company Construct

INDIEV’s stated goal is to empower drivers with a ‘You Do You’ mentality, design, and novel technology that aims to expand the horizons of how people view and use EVs to enhance their lives and support goals while on the move.

The company’s first model, the INDI One, is a smart electric car with the sector’s first Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), a supercomputer capable of AAA gaming than can support all metaverse systems. The INDIEV ecosystem reportedly already includes a portfolio of game engine technology, content development, global publishing, mobile platforms, SIM cards, hardware, and VR products to support creative endeavors.

Online pre-ordering is scheduled to begin in Q1 of 2022 at a MSRP of $45,000. Details on trim packages, deposit, etc., will be available when the preorder page goes live. For more information regarding INDIEV and its blockchain technology product updates, check out

You can also catch the INDI One at upcoming digital/hybrid events!

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INDIEV aims to define the future of smart mobility. Created in Los Angeles in 2017, INDIEV specializes in the design of next generation EVs and their user interfaces.

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