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INGOLSTADT, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2019 / Since its inception, cryptocurrency and blockchain has been a hot topic around the financial world and beyond. Individuals and corporate bodies are looking at tapping into this space, making cryptocurrency one of the most sought-after tradable assets. Even if you were not familiar with blockchain terms a couple of years ago, chances are that you might have heard someone mention it.

Each year has seen an influx of new players into the cryptocurrency trading space, 2017 bullrun which drove the first institutional mainstream adoption brought about an exponential growth in the cryptocurrency trading community.

As the community continues to grow and more people gets involved in crypto trading and investment, the challenge usually is that, without proper guidance and training, obtaining crypto knowledge can sometimes be a daunting challenge and a herculean task.

It is true that the transition to the cryptocurrency space could initially make someone feel like being lost in a world with little or no navigation aid – no compass, no radar. This factor chiefly contributes to why newbies lost a lot of funds while trying out trading for the very first time.

Many traders, in the journey of DYOR, have heavily relied on scraping out trading guides from the web. The drawback is that, due to the scantiness of information scattered around webpages, this approach will only leave the individual more confused in the end.

Regardless of how you got involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, systematic-ordered crypto education should be a critical component of your journey. Whether you are a newbie looking to make your first crypto transaction, or an existing trader, having a continuous learning process is indispensable. This is necessary because this space is fast evolving. Staying at the top of things gives an invaluable edge.

Many blockchain projects are already filling this gap of knowledge by providing an all-in-one learning platform for both newbies and professional traders who are looking at advancing their trading career. Newscrypto, a blockchain-based education platform is rising to this occasion.

Newscrypto as a crypto-based body of knowledge is an ecosystem housing all vital information regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain. Reiterating its mission statement, the company emphasized that,

“Our main focus is to solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time while being a trustworthy source and offer our members the best user experience possible. Therefore, we strive to give our members security and confidence at the highest level while providing them the best indicators and analysis on the market.” – All about crypto in one place

In order to achieve its goal in making a provision for an appropriate learning environment, Newscrypto have put together a lot of resources in a single platform suitable for everyone seeking knowledge and trading advantages in the crypto world – both beginners and experienced traders. Its services include unique trading tools, expert chart design, market analysis, Newscrypto school, smart alerts and advanced indicators. This is packaged to give traders a smooth trading experience.

The platform is built to become the number one educational platform for crypto learning. Its services such as whale alert, sophisticated chart design and inflow indicator are unique and positioned to give traders an in-depth market insight.

In the project’s mission to speed up learning for beginners, they carved out a niche called Newscrypto School. This was developed with the sole purpose of providing a comprehensive and intensive learning guide for beginners who are looking at expanding their knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. The learning curriculum covers different levels of trading guides including case study scenarios and interactive task to drive home competent trading.

Make no mistake of investing into entities you have little or no knowledge about. Newscrypto is poised to give you a walk-through experience around the crypto world. As the blockchain industry continues to mature, Newscrypto has already positioned itself as a market leader in crypto education.

Newscrypto token which is the heart and soul of the NewsCrypto platform used for payments within the platform and the whole operations behind it is listed on three exchanges, which are Probit, Cat.ex, and DCoin. It has just been officially announced that their token is also being listed on BigONE exchange on the 4th of October 2019.

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