Google co-founder Sergey Brin warns of AI and name-drops Ethereum


Google co-founder Sergey Brin warns of AI and identify-drops Ethereum

When Sergey Brin talks, individuals listen. And proper now Brin is conversing about AI and cryptocurrency. 

As the president of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, Brin is uniquely positioned to not only see what technological developments are coming down the pike but to impact them as well. That helps make the company’s yearly founders’ letter an significant indicator for the tech entire world. In accordance to Brin, who wrote this year’s, the symptoms are blended. 

He opens the letter by quoting from Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Metropolitan areas, and proceeds from there to dive into the huge advancement in computing electric power that he is witnessed for the duration of his tenure at Google and Alphabet. 

“There are various aspects at perform in this boom of computing,” he writes. “Very first, of class, is the steady hum of Moore’s Regulation, although some of the standard measures this kind of as transistor counts, density, and clock frequencies have slowed. The second aspect is greater need, stemming from innovative graphics in gaming and, surprisingly, from the GPU-friendly proof-of-function algorithms uncovered in some of today’s foremost cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum.”

That’s ideal, cryptocurrency, even if it turns out to not be great for everything else, has in Brin’s head at minimum pushed computing forward. So you will find that. 

Like I said, the future.

Like I mentioned, the upcoming.

The principal emphasis of the letter, having said that, is artificial intelligence. Brin highlights the Google goods and providers that benefit from neural networks, and the list is very substantial. 

realize images in Google Pics

permit Waymo cars and trucks to understand and distinguish objects securely

drastically boost sound and digital camera excellent in our hardware

realize and generate speech for Google Home

translate in excess of 100 languages in Google Translate

caption above a billion video clips in 10 languages on YouTube

strengthen the efficiency of our facts facilities

recommend small replies to e-mails

help health professionals diagnose illnesses, this kind of as diabetic retinopathy

explore new planetary devices

make improved neural networks (AutoML)
… and a great deal much more.

But it’s not all roses. Brin brings us back down to earth by inquiring “how may [powerful tools] manipulate men and women” and whether or not or not they are safe and sound. 

And substantially like Elon Musk has done just before him (albeit in a far more subdued method), Brin acknowledges that artificial intelligence could pose some not-fairly-still-understood risks. 

“Most notably, security spans a wide assortment of concerns from the fears of sci-fi design and style sentience to the more near-term issues this sort of as validating the performance of self-driving vehicles.”

So there you have it. In accordance to one particular of the most influential men and women in the entire world of tech, the upcoming is shiny — many thanks in small aspect to cryptocurrency — and it will go on to be bright as very long as AI doesn’t spoil it all for us. 

Fingers crossed. 

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