Eight Cryptocurrency Startups Every Blockchain Asset Investor Should Study


Eight Cryptocurrency Startups Every Blockchain Asset Investor Should Study

Cryptocurrency Projects That You Should Pay Attention To

Ever since last year’s boom in the cryptocurrency sector, numerous new altcoins started appearing on the market. These days, there are well over 2000 of them for investors to choose from. However, while so many altcoins are great for diversity in the market, it can be quite difficult to determine which ones represent a good investment.

It takes days, if not weeks of careful research, and many hours in front of a screen in order to only figure out which coins are fake, fueled by greed and get-rich-quick scams, and which are legitimate.

To help out investors regarding which project to pay attention to, we have done quite a bit of research ourselves. Because of that, we can now present you a list of eight crypto projects that show real promise and are trying to do amazing things so that the world would be a better place.

1. Basic Attention Token

BAT is one of the first projects that caught our eye, as it seems to be quite promising. Its team consists of experienced developers, all of which have a background in the tech industry. This is important, as the team behind any coin that wants to succeed needs to know what it is doing, and how to tackle numerous obstacles in the crypto world.

BAT is designed to serve as a unit of account between users, advertisers, and publishers. The company is not exactly aiming at bringing this coin to exchanges. Instead, BAT is imagined to be used in Brave browser, which can also protect users from malware, and keep their privacy secured during their web sessions.

BAT itself also addresses the issues regarding data and energy usage that emerge due to ads that pop up on mobile devices. Thanks to BAT, users can forget about struggling with ads, as well as ad blockers, which are often collecting personal data and selling it without question.

2. ZCash

ZCash is already a well-known coin that needs no introduction. It is a permissionless coin with a focus on users’ privacy, which is why it also keeps their transactions completely private. ZCash is secure, and there is a large demand for privacy coins like this. While regulators usually claim that coins like this are providing criminals with a way to fund their own illegal operations undisturbed, privacy coins can achieve much more than that.

Many supporters of these coins claim that keeping transactions private and anonymous protects the freedom of speech. Additionally, companies that need to protect their business dealings also tend to support coins that won’t announce their plans to the entire world.

Clearly, ZCash is more than just a whim, and coins like this will be needed for as long as the internet privacy remains a thing.

3. Stellar

Like ZCash, Stellar is also already a coin that has a reputation, but we believe that it should still be on this list for several reasons. Stellar aims to provide users with a fast, efficient, and cheap service to everyone. Similarly to Ripple, Stellar is dedicated to making cross-border transactions fast and practical. However, unlike Ripple, Stellar wishes to provide its services to individuals, instead of banks and large financial institutions.

At the moment, large companies such as PayPal are dominating the online payment sector. However, they charge large transaction fees, and some of the money transactions can often take a long time. Stellar, on the other hand, offers 5-second transactions, with fees that are so low that they are basically non-existent.

Additionally, Stellar doesn’t use PoW for the verification process, which means that energy consumption issues are also largely eliminated. Not only that, but Stellar also managed to enter partnerships with several tech giants such as IBM, which is a guarantee of a great future for this project.

4. Stratis

Stratis is a platform based on the blockchain technology that aims to make things like development, dApp deployment, testing, and similar processes much more simple and practical. Despite the recent decline of ICOs, it is still possible for Stratis to thrive, due to numerous new use cases that the project has developed.

Its solutions are widely accepted as they are in compliance with government regulations, especially those regarding ICOs and cryptocurrencies. These regulations will eventually arrive. When they do, Stratis will be one of only a few altcoins that will not have to go through big changes to become compatible with them.

Another important detail worthy of mentioning is the fact that Stratis has always been capable of outperforming the USD. This trend has remained constant ever since the coin’s MainNet entered its beta version.

5. Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a platform dedicated to the creation of smart contracts, similarly to Ethereum. However, Cardano is capable of satisfying its users’ needs while still being in compliance with what regulators demand.

One big indicator that this is a real project with the real potential is the fact that even Coinbase is looking into adding it. Besides being practical and capable, Cardano is also highly innovative. Instead of being designed as just another copy of Ethereum, Cardano’s platform has developed its own network, technology, and solutions that are still bugging the older coins.

6. Skynet

Skynet is a project that aims to ensure that new and improved intelligence systems will always benefit humanity. The desire to ensure this came from fear that machines will eventually gain power over human life, and endanger it. Simply put, Skynet’s goal is to use a single blockchain network to link all of IoT devices around the world.

Obviously, this makes it one of the biggest and most ambitious projects around. However, the project does have quite a capable and experienced team behind it, which is paying attention to even the smallest details.

With belief that autonomous robotics awaits in our future, Skynet is developing a network that will serve as a “hive mind”. Through these networks, robots will be able to learn, self-organize, and transfer information whenever there is a need.

7. 4New

4New is a new, but quite advanced project when it comes to technology. It basically collects city trash, and it burns it in specially designed combustion tanks that are created to prevent pollution issues. The process doesn’t stop there, however, and instead, it is capable of generating electricity, which is then used for crypto mining.

4New has its own token, called KWATT. The token can be bought by any user, and can then be staked. The coin is backed by electricity that the process creates, and the more coins get mined, its value will continue to rise. Simply put, 4New has developed a perfect plan for creating an environmentally-friendly blockchain.

Not only that, but it also provides one possible solution for extreme energy consumption brought by PoW.

8. Dash

Finally, there is Dash. This is another privacy coin that was inspired by Bitcoin’s own code. However, besides privacy, Dash also improves the speed of transactions. Since we have already discussed the need for privacy earlier, it should be immediately clear why Dash has been popular ever since it came to be.

Recently, it also made headlines due to its association with cannabis industry, where Dash offered banking solutions since regular banks do not want to work with cannabis. Many believe that Dash would have had a fair chance to achieve huge success even without this decision. However, everyone agrees that this move makes Dash especially interesting, and definitely a project to keep an eye on.

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