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Cube Chain

What Is Cube Chain?

Cube Chain seeks to introduce a platform that will be based on the blockchain technology currently in use in the e-commerce sector. It will do this by introducing a number of technical features that will help it provide five essential services. All these services revolve around the theme of introducing a single blockchain into the e-commerce industry.

Cube Chain Blockchain Cryptocurrency Project Services

  1. ASM: It will be an artificial intelligence agent that will be tasked with handling all the duties and responsibilities currently being handled by the company’s current call center.
  2. One ID: It is a single Login system to help guarantee customer convenience and information protection.
  3. CubeChat: It is a type of Messenger to be deployed in the Marketplace. The Chat system will assist in enabling peer-to-peer transactions.
  4. CubeOn: It is a social networking service that will be turned into blockchain (Cube Chain Open Network).
  5. Cube Chain Product: It is a system that will be used to help interested parties establish on and offline franchises.

The technology from Cube chain is expected to assist in providing solutions that can be used in all sectors of the e-commerce industry. Cube Chain is currently in the process of identifying services that can be made available to other decentralized SNS, e.g., Login system change, transactions between individuals, chain establishment, and enterprise management maximization.

In short, Cube Chain aims to provide comprehensive solutions for business expansion, public relations, personal information, operations, and transactions. Some of its features will include:

  • Double approval method
  • Cubing technology
  • Special blocks that contain an Escrow function, Data Index, and Data Statistics processing
  • Power hybrid consensus
  • Multiple pattern block technology

The Cube Creation Process

The Process will involve a series of steps such as:


It refers to a cube creation technology that will collect twenty-seven blocks to form a single cube. Twenty-four of these blocks will be used to record the transaction book. The three remaining blocks will take place at the same time as this cubing process and will be merged to come up with a single cube.

Special Blocks

The special blocks comprise of five different blocks namely: indexing, statistics, format, Escrow, and edit block. Each block serves a specific purpose in this process. As such, each block will be used separately, but will only start working after its preceding blocks has completed their tasks.

Parallel Structure

Cube Chain is a fourth generation process blockchain platform that can assist enhance the data capacity and transaction speeds of the existing platform. It also goes further ahead to improve the security of the entire system. Given that all existing platforms connect into a single block, the resulting data structures end-up forming a linear structure.

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