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OTTAWA, ON, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brane Inc., a leading cryptocurrency custody provider, has achieved key cyber-security recertifications that confirm the company’s stringent security and risk management protocols.

In addition to recertification at ISO 27001 and 27017 and NIST level 4 standards by audit and certification firm BSI, Brane successfully completed third-party validation of its Ethereum smart contract code, the technology that powers non-fungible tokens (NFTs), by auditor Solidified.

“We’re comprehensively committed to security as our priority, and these third-party certifications confirm Brane as a world-class leader in secure custody of cryptocurrencies,” said Chris Desjardins, Vice President, Product. “As cryptocurrencies become ubiquitous throughout the global economy, our clients and partners have total assurance that Brane is among the most certified, validated, and security-focused companies in the sector.”

“Brane’s core advantage is the combination of bank-grade security with cutting-edge technology, all based on a fundamental understanding of blockchain’s unique opportunities and challenges,” said Brane board member Dave Revell, former EVP and Global Chief Information Officer for CIBC. “Brane has built not just a product, but a custody solution that meets the needs of banks and other financial institutions as cryptocurrency adoption continues.”

“Obtaining ISO and NIST certifications can take large companies many years and millions of dollars to complete. Brane’s rapid completion of these certifications proves the strength of our blockchain-native technology and our information security management systems,” said Patrick McLaughlin, Brane’s founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “This key competitive advantage makes Brane the ideal partner for financial institutions seeking a fully secure, user-friendly solution for custody of digital assets.”

ISO 27001 recertification involves a rigorous review of Brane’s IT security, while ISO 27017 applies to cloud-based computing security. By meeting NIST Level 4 standards, Brane has demonstrated adherence to information security standards recognized globally by governments and financial institutions. In 2020, Brane became the first Canadian company in any industry to achieve this standard.

“As Brane becomes a bank for the world’s newest asset class, security and accountability are woven into our company’s DNA,” said Brane President Jerome Dwight, former CEO of Bank of New York Mellon’s Canadian operations. “Combining an outstanding internal team and partnerships with other industry leaders, Brane is committed to maintaining its position of Canadian and global leadership in crypto custody services.”

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Founded in 2017, Brane is a blockchain innovation company. Brane helps organizations understand and unlock the power of the blockchain and digital assets. Brane Vault, its digital asset custody service, is ISO 27001 certified – first in the world with cryptocurrency in scope, ISO 27017 certified, and NIST Tier 4 — the first company in Canada, in any industry, to receive such certification. Brane Vault offers advanced proprietary technology and processes with over 20 provisional patents and is fully insured against theft and crime.

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