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January 11, 2022


While Chainlink is a well established project, HUH Token is remarkably new to the market

Chainlink and HUH Token are two cryptocurrencies that utilise the strength of decentralisation. They offer services that provide or use data as the strength of their projects. Data collection by centralised industries has become rampant in society. Many people believe that if these companies must collect their data, individuals should control what data they provide or be fairly compensated for that information. 

Chainlink is well established, and its project continues to expand with each passing year. HUH Token is new and will be introducing its main project’s platform in the future. The token is available now and has its own features alongside providing buyers with the opportunity to join before it increases in price.


Skynova conducted a study to examine where businesses collect their data from. The vast majority came from Facebook. They accounted for 72% of the data collection. Social media platforms collect a wide variety of information from their users. This can vary from the basics of name and email address to all a person’s interests, likes, dislikes and hobbies. 

The exchange of using a platform’s services for all of the information a person provides can be viewed as unequal by many. Users are not given any financial reward for their information. This is where cryptocurrency steps in with cryptos like Chainlink and HUH Token. The nature of crypto often means you are an anonymous wallet rather than a user with a name, and tracking systems are not placed on you.

Chainlink has been growing in popularity throughout 2021 and will continue to as long as people adopt Chainlink on more blockchains. This has resulted in a direct increase in the market price of its native currency LINK. 

Chainlink provides data from the real world and applies that information to smart contracts on the blockchain. This allows the hybrid contracts to react to accurate world data that would have otherwise been missed. Individuals are able to become Oracles in order to send the off-chain data to the blockchain. People can become Oracles and share accurate data. Those who do are rewarded with the native token LINK. Chainlink is one example of how crypto allows people to use data to generate wealth.

HUH Token will become the native token of a project that is in development by the creators of HUH Token. The larger project is a social platform called MetHUH. This will be a platform that allows users to take control of their data in a social format. Social influencers and users will receive rewards for using the service and interacting with content, providing incentives for everyone to utilise the platform. 

HUH Token have presented users of current social media an alternative. The project will have more details released as it becomes closer to launching. However, as their native token is currently available, it could be worth purchasing some of the token earlier than the MetHUH release date. Owning HUH Token before the release will give buyers an opportunity to benefit if the MetHUH becomes a robust platform that competes with mainstream centralised systems.

Chainlink and HUH Token are both giving power to anonymous users who want to assist their cryptocurrency of choice in succeeding while also having financial incentives. This places the ability to monetise data back into each individual’s hands rather than being at the mercy of mainstream social media platforms that will give you nothing other than the ability to use their websites for your precious data. 

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