Bear market survival guide released: Trade Futures – Press Release


Bear market survival guide released: Trade Futures – Press Release issued a comprehensive guide for investors to survive in the bear market

Bitcoin price has started to fall since early 2018, but the recent huge plunge shakes investors faith again. According to, world biggest crypto tracking website, that on December 17th, Bitcoin fell below $3,300, the lowest level since October last year.  Last year same day December 17th Bitcoin reached all time high at 19565.5USD. The plunge in bitcoin price also caused other cryptocurrencies to fall sharply.

According to CoinMarketCap, the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrency market has fallen to 130 billion US dollars, which is seriously reduced compared to the total market capitalisation of 850 billion US dollars at the beginning of this year. On the one hand, the huge market fluctuations, which is up to cumulative 80%-90% drop, cause big losses of investors. On the other hand, the big shorts are making a fortune. It is not a myth to make 10000% return by shorting the market with leverage.

In 2018, no matter what cryptocurrency you buy, there is always one that can make you stuck. It is rarely profitable to buy and hold any cryptocurrency in such a bearish market. On the flip side, however, shorting the cryptocurrency has gradually become popular among traders and investors. Even though both retail investors and investment funds criticize such exchanges, the army of futures short-selling traders is growing rapidly. Despite suffering from huge losses in the bear market, some traders found that shorting with leverage is one of the better ways of trading comparing to normal spot trading. The short-selling traders make good return according Pareto principle (80/20 rule).

During market downturn,  Bitmex, Okex, Poloniex and other futures exchanges attract a large number of short-selling digital currency traders. Through trading futures and other derivatives, most of the currency traders do not have to close the position at loss to exit the market to survive nor to hold the coins and hibernate. Futures trading and hedging provide more choices for speculators, arbitrageur, hedgers and traders.

Recently, I came across a new derivatives trading platform. Something interesting is that its URL is super cool with only 2 letters starting with B. As we all know in crypto market, the shorter the URL the more expensive it is, especially when it starts with B. I was quite surprised that a new exchange has such an awesome URL. Nevertheless, it turns out that the exchange surely deserves the URL with its background that I discovered.

This exchange,, is currently ranked 5th in the global derivatives trading platforms. is a professional trading platform based on the mining pool, and is favoured by futures traders who can make big gains via high leverage trading. The liquidity of the shows that the platform users are very active, which is also extremely rare in the bear market. I heard that their 100x leverage futures contract products are in the beta test. Only referred traders can try the product now. So if you want to do a virtual trade with 100x leverage futures contract you may write an email to them. If the exchange continues to develop according to its designed roadmap, the high leverage futures products can help to win a place in the competitive trading market.

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