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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2021 / If you are tired of the toxicity of the culture found online and also like innovative technology, you’ll be interested in BabyElon, an open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency on the Ethereum blockchain. The creators of BabyElon have plans to use cryptocurrency to cultivate a supportive, productive, vibrant community in the crypto space. Their unique mission is getting a lot of attention from respected influencers and analysts in the industry and has led to the successful rollout of $BABYELON on July 10, 2021 – in less than 72 hours after the digital currency was launched, its price-point increased by 400%.

From there, BabyElon has remained one of the top investment opportunities and is projected to continue to rise. Still not convinced? Think about this: It has earned a spot in the Trending Top 10 on Dextools, and behind its current $2.1 million market cap valuation are a dedicated, highly experienced team; a passionate community; and extensive funding. With this kind of interest, BabyElon will likely continue to grow and lead the industry.

Why BabyElon’s Name Was Chosen

With a strategic marketing campaign focused on widespread awareness, the BabyElon team aims to engage with Elon Musk, which they are confident is likely given the name of the token and Musk’s relationship with the BabyDoge project. From there and with regard to this sequence of events, it is more than possible for BabyElon to see a $1 billion-plus market cap valuation within the next thirty days.

Investors Have Much to Gain by Investing in BabyElon

$BABYELON was launched with a total supply of 1 trillion tokens. Those who hold BabyElon tokens are honored through an automated 5% redistribution reward rate that is applied to all transactions. This feature of the company’s community-driven project is designed to incentivize holding and pairs powerfully with its 10% marketing tax, charged on all sales. The tax is used to fund global marketing campaigns engineered to efficiently spread awareness, promote the BabyElon community, and increase the value of BabyElon holders’ investments.

It is these elements, combined with an experienced team of developers and influencers in the cryptocurrency space, that set up BabyElon for long-term growth and progress.

BabyElon is Supported by an Impressive Team and Leadership

In addition to having strong fundamentals, an experienced development team, and a first-class marketing department, the BabyElon team is excited to announce that its internal design team is led by the well-known creative director of Kishu, who has already begun working with the internal design team on BabyElon’s second collection of NFTs, all available on OpenSea.

Buying $BABYELON Is Simple.

If all of this information makes you as excited as the experts, here is how to purchase $BABYELON and get started in investing in one of the most-watched digital currencies. Buying $BABYELON is a simple four-step process:

  1. First, purchase some Ethereum, which can be bought on many exchanges, including Coinbase.

  2. Second, send your Ethereum tokens to your digital wallet. You can use, for example, Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, or TrustWallet.

  3. Third, go to Uniswap and connect your wallet. Then, paste in the contract address (0xdfb4a81727aa961b6ee830720843104fae0fdff9).

  4. Last, don’t forget to set your slippage to 12-15%.

You are ready to swap!

BabyElon: Changing the Future of Crypto Space

In the weeks and months to come, keep your eyes on BabyElon, a well-structured company with solid leadership, ample investor interest, and an innovative solution to a problem faced by anyone who spends time online. As BabyElon strengthens, you will continue to hear about this cryptocurrency with a unique purpose: to use digital currency to bring people together and create a community in the crypto space that anyone will be happy to join.


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