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In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kenyan health-tech startup AfyaRekod has intensified its efforts to launch its solution that will make it easy to track, predict and control the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide, and in Africa particularly.

Founded by John Kamara, AfyaRekod is planning to launch its consumer-driven health platform in record time to join the fight against the pandemic.

AfyaRekod Speeds Up the Launch of its AI and Blockchain Platform
John Kamara

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology to help users store their own health data, access health information and connect with health care service providers around the world.

Through the advanced AI modules that run on AfyaRekod’s platform, it will be able to detect anomalies and predict health occurrences based on the user’s record. This can be particularly useful in detecting and treating Covid-19 as well as curbing its spread.

Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the consumer-driven platform was scheduled to launch in July 2020. Now, the AfyaRekod team is pushing its limits and meeting with relevant health and government organizations in order to launch as soon as it can.

“We are fast-tracking to launch the platform 4 months ahead of its time to enable the world to capture real-time data that will hit map areas where the Corona infections are growing,” John Camara says. “It could also monitor the growth in real-time by collecting user-generated information from millions of users across multiple geographic locations to allow for sufficient data analysis in support of the global efforts to curb the disease.”

The platform is being developed such that the health data of the users will be entered by the users themselves and will be updated regularly.

This will eliminate the challenge of inadequate access to patient data by making sure that the data is available wherever the user is in the world, using Blockchain technology.

“Africa and most of the third world countries have limited doctors and access to health care services. Lack of patient data in real time makes the problem even more damaging to both patients and health service providers across the continent. Over 65% of Africans live in rural communities that are not connected and are off grid in terms of access to health care services. This is the problem we are trying to solve”.

John Kamara, Founder of AfyaRekod

As AfyaRekod pushes for a timely launch, its solution offers something that is much needed by the world; an opportunity to address critical emergency health needs, as well as prevent and monitor the spread of pandemics like the COVID-19.

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